Making A Bee-Line For Betty's Style February 21 2013, 0 Comments

As lovers of all things vintage here at Dolly Mixture Clothing, we have long been admirers of the fabulous Betty Bee. Along with Lilly Von Pink, she runs the amazing retro beauty parlour and events company Vintage Pamper Box. The multi-talented make-up artist, blogger and crafter is also the brains behind the MAD award-nominated blog Tales From Betty Bee Towers, and the recently published book Handmade Wedding Crafts.

We were utterly delighted when Betty Bee agreed to spend some of her precious time talking to us about her inspiration in business and in life.

Q: As a fantastic blogger, author, businesswoman, make-up artist, mother and wife, how on earth do you manage to juggle it all so well? Is there no end to your talents?!
A: That’s a very flattering description which, as I’m typing while in my pyjamas at 11am, I’m not sure I deserve.
The answer as to how I juggle it all so well is that I am incredibly organised. I find if I work across too many projects at any given time I become scattered, so I tend to carve up my days. I do writing in the morning, as that’s when I tend to feel most inspired.
I do admin and PR in the afternoon, and my make-up/Pamperbox bookings tend to be at the weekends. As mum to a six-year-old, I’m forced to down tools at 3.30pm every day to do the school run, and I’m officially off-duty until she is in bed. I do have to do one or two late nights a week to stay on top of things, especially if I get make up bookings in the week but I’m getting better at switching off the laptop by 7pm now and giving my brain a rest.

Q: Speaking of being a published author, your new book Homemade Wedding Crafts is full of amazing crafty creations. How do you find your inspiration?
A: I’m actually really inspired by junk, so items found in skips, discarded by bins or rotting in sheds. I love to give objects a new lease of life, whether that’s turning a chipped, mismatched set of plates into a beautiful cake stand, or spraying an old crate and milk bottles to create a wedding table centrepiece.
I’ve always been quite open about the fact that I’m far from the most talented crafter – I tend to learn crafts as and when I need them, and luckily others seem to relate to my approach.

Q: What made you decide to start your vintage-inspired pamper business?
A: I ran a burlesque night with my best friend Lilly and we were often approached by women asking us for advice on how to do vintage-inspired hair and make-up. They would also be interested in learning to do burlesque, so we decided to put on a one-day event where we would teach hair and make-up. We roped in one of our burlesque dancer friends to teach a workshop, and my husband, who is a photographer, offered to take some photos. The event sold out in days and we realised we were maybe onto something. We now do hundreds of them a year and offer themed events from the 1920s to the 1950s and 1980s, as well as a ‘Horror Hottie’ theme events and our latest, which is a Heroes V Villains ‘cosplay’ event. It’s amazing fun, and the transformations of the women who attend are awesome.

Q: What has been your proudest moment so far?
A: Work-wise was probably seeing my book, Handmade Wedding Crafts in Waterstones bookshop. Personally it was having my little girl. She rocks my world.

Q: Who do you most admire or turn to in times of need?
A: My husband Nick Beedles, who is a well-known photographer, designer and editor in his own right, constantly inspires me. He has encouraged me to pursue any dream, no matter how far-fetched. He always gives the best advice and doesn’t allow me to give up. He is very much of the mind set to “dream big but work hard to make them come true”.

Q: Do you have any advice for inspiring young women?
A: Don’t listen when people discourage you from pursuing your ambitions. Take the time to digest all advice given, but you have to have self-belief to make your dreams come true. Also stop believing in luck and start believing in the power of hard work. Be prepared to graft. Finally, be nice. Despite the rubbish you see on TV programmes like the Apprentice, you don’t have to act like an arsehole to get on [in life]. Nice girls can come first.

Q: And finally do you have any thing that you wish you could have told your younger self?
A: Don’t waste time on bad friends, don’t leave your records on the floor – and buy shares in Google.

If you would like to find out more regarding The Heroes Vs Villains event takes place on 6 April, check out The Pamper Box for more details.

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