To fringe or not to fringe..... September 26 2013, 0 Comments

I have always adored having a fringe, and they are definitely a Marmite experience for most women who have tried them at one point. The indecisiveness of cutting one in, to the frustrated wait of growing an unwanted one out can leave people hating the idea of a fringe, and many of our clients have very firm ideas as to whether a fringe suits them or not. Whether you go for a short Bettie Page fringe, or a side sweeping longer one, or you completely cheat and create a faux bang or wear a 'winge' (a wig fringe) a fringe can give you a completely new look, or update an old one.

Fringes do take a little bit of extra work with styling, but for me, the effort is worth it. Here are my top 5 reasons I love having a fringe:

  •  It's cheaper than botox (and less dangerous!). I love that my fringe covers the lines on my forehead, and it means I never have to think about them!
  • The fringe covers my baby hairs. My fluffy hair is very strong, and without a fringe I look a little odd around the edges.
  • A fringe makes you look like you have a hairstyle. Even with a boring ponytail having a fringe can make you look like you've still got a 'style'. For example, if you have a short Bettie fringe, your hair will look pretty vintage/rockabilly without much effort.
  • A fringe can soften your face, and they flatter pretty much everyone, it's just whether you enjoy the 'look' of one. I prefer the 'look' of the shorter fringe on me, but a longer one is more flattering for my face, so I just switch between the two and enjoy the best of both worlds!
  • I just feel I have more options. I can curl it under and wear it shorter, I can side sweep it, or I can create a faux bang for a 'bigger' look.

Are you a fringe fan or foe? Let us know...

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