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Lights Out are "a rockin trio from the Midlands....We have been touring the UK and parts of Europe for the last 10 years. We play a mix of Rock n Roll, Doowop and Rockabilly" and I have to say guys and gals they do exactly what it says on the tin!

When we first saw Lights Out play at a gig in Gorleston, we were instantly hooked. So naturally we wanted to find out more about the guys behind Lights Out and they were kind enough to spend a few mins with us answering some of our questions.

It all started 13 years ago when Lights brothers Craig and Lee and their cousin Dan decided to start their own band after their life long love  of rockabilly music bred into them from their dads who front  The Jets.

So Guys tell us a bit about backgrounds…

D – We are 2 brothers and a cousin from Northampton. Craig and Lee are brothers.
We have been playing as a Rockabilly band since 1998. So 13 years.

What made you decide to start your own band?
L - Our fathers are in the band, THE JETS so we have been brought up with Rock n Roll music. I guess it was inevitable that we would follow suit.

How did you all feel performing at your first gig and where was it?
C – Our first ever gig was at Camber Sands in front of 1500 people, we had to play a 20 minute set. Very Nerve racking but also exciting. Definitely thrown in at the deep end. lol

Tell me something about each of you that our readers would never of guessed! 
C – Played at the Viva Las Vegas rockbilly festival
L – Played football for England School boys
D – Played for Northampton Town FC as a youngster

Do you have any advice for any budding musicians out there?
L – Keep Playing the Music that you love and enjoy playing, follow your heart and not just the gigs

What has been your proudest moments so far?
There are a few -
C - Playing at this year’s Rhythm Riot festival in November 2013
Playing Lots of big festivals over Europe to big crowds
Playing all the O2 Academy’s on a support tour, playing to 2000 people each night.

Do you ever feel a bit lonely being away on tour so much, you must all have very supportive GF’s?
D – Yeah its tough but they support what we do so that's all good!

What’s the most challenging thing about being a member of ‘Lights Out’?
L – The travelling is tough sometimes, when you have worked a full week then you have 15 night shifts at a gig it becomes challenging. That’s why we have our roadie, 60 mile Dennis.

Have you ever had any major bust ups, if so how do you work things out while away on tour?
D – Craig and Lee have had a few. Ha-ha. It always gets forgotten and blown under the carpet when your family though.

How do you stay motivated and who inspires you most?
L – We stay motivated by continuing to play to good crowds having good responses at gigs, we want to push and do even bigger gigs and festivals. We are hard working and won’t settle UN till we achieve everything there is to achieve on the Rockabilly circuit.

And finally Dolly Mixture Clothing are now starting to stock Men's clothing, what’s the one thing you would love us to stock?
C – Gab Jackets, Buck skins and A Range of 50’s pegs.

Check the guys out on YouTube or head over to their facebook page to see where they will be playing next. Rest assured you will not be disappointed!

Even better grab ya self a copy of their latest album from iTunes