Day Of The Dead... October 13 2013, 0 Comments

It’s October, and as usual the UK shops and supermarkets are choc-a-block with lurid orange fake pumpkins and cheap witches hats in readiness for Halloween. Celebrating the ‘undead’ is a relatively new tradition over here – and it’s always done in the most commercial fashion – but this is also the time of year to mark people’s passing in other parts of the world. The Mexicans lead the way with Dia de los Muertos.

Dia de los Muertos, translated as ‘day of the dead’, actually takes place over two days – 1 and 2 November – and this Mexican festival is the origin of the Candy Skull, a motif popular among tattooing enthusiasts and rockabilly fans alike.

To commemorate a loved one lost, on Dia de los Muertos people take skulls or replica skulls and adorn them with designs, such as flowers, vines, leaves, hearts, crosses and jewels. These can be painted or in 3D, and no two are ever quite alike.  In the past the skulls were fashioned from moulded sugar, hence the ‘candy’ tag.

Mexicans take their decorated skulls and other offerings or ‘ofrendas’ and place them on a kind of altar as a way of welcoming back the spirits of their family member. The offerings include food and items the person liked during their lifetime.

Somewhere along the way, this Mexican and Aztec tradition of decorating skulls has made its way into fashion, art and tattoo art in particular. In our online boutique, Dolly Mixture Clothing, we can’t get enough of the Candy Skull motif.

It features on many of our items, such as swing dresses, cardigans, purses, bags and shoes. One of our favourites at the moment is the Banned Sugar Skull Valentina Bolero, a black close fit cardigan with two applique skulls on the front. The skulls are intricately detailed in their design, with hearts and flowers.

Another funky option is a pair of our buckle up TUK Day of the Dead Rocket Heels. With their bright red chunky heels and platform, flamboyant bow on the toe and dozens of blue grinning skulls surrounded by flowers, you’ll really get into the festival mood.

Also evoking the spirit of Dia de los Muertos are our Iron Fist Death Dance Platforms with their tattoo-like skull illustration, in red, black and white, with a slinky T-bar and punky stiletto heel. Don’t forget the matching Fox Trot Purse and Fox Trot Handbag.

Perhaps you’d be more suited to a pair of our sultry slip on Iron Fist Midnight Black Light Peep Toe Platforms, featuring the same motif but this time in a dark indigo and purple.

Finally, don’t forget to browse our wide range of swing and wiggle dresses for a 50s party vibe and another helping of skull art. There’s the Iron Fist Skull A Dot Dress, a perfect daywear option in nude and black. Or how about the H&R London Sadie Swing Dress, a halterneck dream with fun underskirt netting and heaps of purple skulls, green leaves and blood red roses? ,