A delectable date with Burlesque starlet Emmanuelle Claire November 08 2013, 0 Comments


“Professional exhibitionist of fantasy and vintage exotica! Burlesquer, belly dancer, tahitian dancer and model. Costumier,illustrator and historic engine builder”

These are the words that Emmanuelle uses to describe herself. A dazzling mix of beauty and brains.

I had the honour of interviewing her for our first Burlesque column and, as varied as her acts, Emmanuelle was a sheer delight to speak to.

LS: What started your interest in the Burlesque scene?
EC: I had been a belly dancer, dancing in restaurants and although I loved doing that I really wanted to perform on stage to a short choreographed piece. I loved the costuming and glamour of it so it seemed a very natural transition for me.

LS: What was your debut act's theme and costume?
EC: The very, very first performance I did was a typical burlesque striptease with a fan dance and I hated every second of performing it! I had no training to perform burlesque I just went straight into it and I felt like I was in at the deep end with that, so I choreographed my Persian Princess act, a combination of belly dance, burlesque and fan dance, which is now probably my signature act. The costume was belly dance themed with a crystal tiara headpiece and big pink ostrich fans.

LS: What did you want to be when you were 12 years old?
EC: I wanted to live in the jungle with apes and be involved with some endangered species protection programme.

LS: What is your favourite act at the moment and why?
EC: My favourite act to perform is my classic striptease act because I go on stage totally embracing and acting out the character of a woman that knows she's totally 'it', which feels great!! Its my only act where I don't leave the stage out of breath, all my other performances have high energy dance sequences.

LS: Where did you last perform?
EC: At the Southampton Boat show

LS: If you had the opportunity to host a party with five others guests, alive or dead, who would they be and why?
EC: That’s so difficult lol!
LS: I know, but fun and worth thinking about.
EC: do you mean like host a burlesque party?
LS: Any sort of dinner party or casual all your choice
EC: The Duchess of Windsor, Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Little Egypt.Ooohhhh someone else who's fun.

LS: Great variety there. Please can you name three idols you look up to whether in the burly scene or not?
EC: I admire certain things about lots of people. I have never idolised persons as a whole but I admire Vicky Butterfly for her beautiful gracious approach to burlesque, I admire Brian Froud and I admire all the original burlesque stars. Brian Froud's art should I say, not him personally. Only because it had such an inspirational effect on me as a child

LS: What is your favourite sort of music to relax to?
EC: I'm not sure what genre it falls under but to relax I often find myself listening to Madeleine Peyroux, Emiliana Torrini and Yael Naim.

LS: What book are you reading at the moment?
EC: Smut generally! Erotica and self help books are about all I read! I love looking through art and design books though, anything with inspiring beautiful pictures!

LS: If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
EC: Buckingham Palace for the Queen!
LS: Haha brilliant

LS: Do you believe that there should be an age limit placed on burlesque dancers?
EC: Do you mean age limit as in girls under a certain age shouldn't do it or girls over a certain age shouldn't do it?
LS: I was thinking more like older women
EC: No I think burlesque artists only improve with age.

LS: What’s the best make up tip you know?
EC: That, even for stage, there is such a thing as too much makeup.

LS: If you could interview me, what would you want to ask me?
EC: What is burlesque to you?
LS: It's my way of creating living art which is something I am passionate about.

Emmanuelle Claire and her 60 second quick fire round

LS: Tea or coffee?
EC: tea

LS: Lipstick or powder?
EC: lipstick

LS: Vinyl or CD?
EC: Cd

LS: Rubber or Leather?
EC: Leather

LS: Silk or Satin?
EC: Silk

LS: Cake or Pie?
EC: cake

LS: Cheesecake or Alternative?
EC: alternative

LS: 40's or 50's?
EC: 40's

LS: Tattoo's or Piercings?
EC: piercings

LS: Ducks or chickens?
EC: Ducks

LS: Ponies or Unicorns?
EC: Unicorns

LS: Clocks or watches?
EC: Watches

LS: China or wood?
EC: Wood

LS: Spa or Wilderness?
EC: Wilderness

LS: Plaster or Paint?
EC: Paint

LS: Music or Movies?
EC: Music

LS: Newspapers or Magazines?
EC: magazines

LS: Dogs or Cats?
EC: Dogs

LS: Heels or pumps?
EC: Heels

LS: Sinatra or Shakespeare?
EC: Shakespeare

LS: Singing or Dancing?
EC: Dancing

LS: Belly dance or Tap dance?
EC: Belly dance

LS: Ballet or Gymnastics?
EC: Gymnastics

LS: 20's or 30's?
EC: 30's

LS: Alice in Wonderland or Sleeping Beauty?
EC: Sleeping beauty

LS: Knives or guns?
EC: Knives

LS: Badgers or Dragons?
EC: Dragons

LS: Louise Brooks or Clara Bow?
EC: Oh my god, I don’t know who either are!
LS: Really? They are both silent movie beauties of the 20's.

LS: Lady Gaga or Madonna?
EC: Madonna

LS: Spots or Stripes?
EC: Stripes

LS: Marilyn Monroe or Liza Minnelli?
EC: Marilyn

LS: Fairy wings or Fascinators?
EC: Fairy wings

LS: Pencil skirt or high waisted trousers?
EC: Skirt

LS: Dominant or Submissive?
EC: Submissive

LS: Spiritual or Atheist?
EC: Spiritual

LS: Naughty or Nice?
EC: Both

LS: Cream or Jam?
EC: Cream

LS: Money or Passion?
EC: Passion

Photographer: Jonathan Macauley
Photographer: Steve Hart
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