A hot date with the even hotter Terri Altilar November 19 2013, 0 Comments

As some of you may already be aware we are so frigging excited to have become a proud sponsor of the super hot alternative model Terri Altilar who is based in Leeds, UK.

terriAfter first appearing on the scene in Autumn 2011 Terri has since been published and featured in magazines including Skin Deep, Alt Fashion, Teen Spirit Magazine and was seen on her first cover in April 2013 for Vanity Magazine!

You may well recognise Mrs Altilar from the BBC 3 TV programme 'Dont tell The Bride' which aired in September 

2012 and saw her marry her rather hot husband Martyn.

Since the start of her career she has been a regular model at the amazing tattoo conventions run by Jazz events, you may of seen her at Tattoo Jam, The Great British Tattoo Show, Manchester Tattoo show and Tattoo Freeze.

Terri's talents don't just stop there she is also the founder of Chaos Dolls which is a burlesque and fire performance group. They host regular club nights and perform at events around the UK.

Among all of the above Terri still managed to give us five mins out of her chaotic schedule to answer a few burning questions, be sure to check them out.

How did you become an alternative model? Have you ever had a regular 9-5 office job?
Modelling and fashion is something that i have always been interested in from such a young age, i use to torture my mum when i was a child and make her sit through numerous fashion show, lol. I say fashion shows but it was just me and my forever changing outfits :) She would go mad as the bedroom would end up like a bombs hit it!! Ooops, sorry mum. As soon as i was old enough i started researching and approaching photographers to shoot with and gained experience from this which led me to applying to a number of agencies however i was never tall enough and never had the right look which then after trying and trying i found that there was alternative agencies and applied to become represented by Spirit Models and it sort of went from there... Although i do modelling i have a full time normal 9-5 job too, i am a Projects Manager for SSE, my main role is to audit all our street lighting depots and ensure they are complying with health & safety, policies and procedures. I run a very busy lifestyle but wouldn't change it for the world.

How did you get into the modeling industry? What advise would you give to other inspiring alternative models.
I think i pretty much covered this question in my previous answer however i always advise any aspiring models that this industry is so hard to earn a living from so be prepared to work hard, something i have always said is go into it happy to just model and enjoy it and see it as a hobby if nothing else and as long as you are still enjoying it then carry on and if you start earning money from it then great. The friends i have made along the way is enough for me and everything else is a bonus :)

How do you spend your average working day?
My day usually starts by fighting to wake up, get ready and go to work. Work from 8.30-4.30, this can be anywhere is the UK as we have depots everywhere but i am usually based in Leeds. After work i am usually juggling shooting, performing, networking, organising, updating mine or Chaos dolls sites, cooking, cleaning, walking my pooches and spending quality time with my husband, family and friends. At times it can be chaotic and stressful however it is all very worth it :)

What does your employer make of your tattoo collection?
I started with my company 7 years ago so I had minimal tattoos really as I was so young and gradually built up so sort of went un noticed however my manager has always said that he hasn't a problem with how I look as long as I look smart and continue doing great work then there wouldn't be any problems.

Who inspires you - creatively or in business?
The list is endless, so many people/businesses inspire me.... starting with my family and close friends.. I have a very close friend who has cerebral palsy and everyday she is an inspiration to me. She has recently done a bungee jump in aid of helping a little girl who has the same condition as her to get treatment!! Then there are beauties i look up to and a fan of such as Sabina Kelly and Nina kate... I could go on but i'll be here all night..

What have you found most challenging when running your business? What lessons have you learned?
When i was just starting out and to be honest even now a lot of models never or will not help out and offer advise where as im the total opposite and i have no secrets, i love helping others and if something i've learnt along the way will help another person that was in my position then i'll gladly help where i can. I've learnt that its a tough world out there but just be true to who you are and DO NOT CHANGE! :)

What have you been most proud of?
I am most proud of the life i have created for me and my husband :) We have been through a hell of a lot at the start of our relationship but now things couldn't be better and i am so glad and proud to say we are married and i am a wife to someone, as it does get really tough doing what i do and constantly been busy and travelling as well as my husband running a tatttoo studio, in a band and also modelling a bit himself.

Have you made any mistakes along the way that you can share?
I have probably made a million mistakes, i am far from perfect but i think mistakes need to be made to understand and learn from and to progress through life... As long as you learn from them then its fine if you don't then that is not good!

Do you have top tips for women starting their own business?
Have a 5 year plan so you know what to focus on and what your goal is, make sure its also achievable as there is no point working towards something that isn't... Ask questions, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask!

Describe yourself in three words...
How was this the hardest question, lol. I have been at this one ages! Focused, optimistic and creative

Top pet hates and loves?
I love my Pomeranian Noah, I love Unicorns and i love mash potatoe! My pet hate is when someone comes in to my house that is taller than me and knocks my chandeliers, lol. They are low but there is room to walk around if you get me but when people knock them it either knocks things off or makes them all swing :/ I'm also scared of the dark!

Photo Credits:  Scott Cole Photography