Home Sweet Home! November 28 2013, 0 Comments

My life has been a total jumble recently; however one thing my boyfriend and I have managed to organise is paying the deposit on our lovely new apartment. People should in fact pity my boyfriend – as he has to somewhat conform to my ‘incredible’ decorating ideas and styles. I have to battle with myself when selecting furnishings and décor for the apartment; as my gothic side duals with my desperate need for vintage, shabby chic jumble and the necessity of unicorns and a slice of Japan. I have wishfully created a ‘favourites’ list on www.etsy.com – a brilliant website selling a marvel of homemade and vintage bric-a-brac – so I thought I’d list a few of some of my most desired objects online and optimistically hope this makes my other half pay attention to what will be going in to our home; whether he likes it or not…
Everybody needs a romantic cushion; and nothing screams romance more than the idea of being eaten by a zombie. I am absolutely adoring humorous cross stitch at the moment – as you’ll see. The seller is CrazyJanesPinUpLife on the Etsy website and she does create personal requests so can concoct your most wild cross stitch dreams!

This is from one of my favourite artists; under the name of ParlorTattooPrints on numerous websites. The lady behind it all, Quyen Dinh musters up some of the most beautiful, traditional artwork. Ranging from flapper styled calendars to traditional Star Wars prints, I cannot wait to get some stunning frames for her prints and dot them all around the flat accordingly.

I am a sucker for pretty kitchen necessities and these beautiful China teacups and saucers

are supplied by Sheffield based seller VerasTreasures.  They are so cute and dinky and instead of keeping them locked up; I’d use them for my daily cup of tea! I was also considering potting little cute flowers in a few of the teacups to create a dainty and adorable look on the window sill. Explore her shop for more precious pieces!

A lovely weird one; I absolutely adore these dolls heads that hold tea lights! I’d absolutely adore them everywhere; especially on our fireplace. They are sold by littlebubble on Etsy, who also sell many other weird and wonderful unique decors – all molded and cast by hand.

This beautiful pin-up styled bunting is spot on. Produced by a seller named goodnightboutique, it’s super sweet to hang around any room border. If you’re like us and can’t repaint the apartment wall the colour you fancy, bunting is a great way to stick some colour and style into a plain room and you don’t even need to use nails or anything permanent.

I hope I have given you a couple of ideas of what is available on Etsy and an insight into a couple of my favourite things on there. Decorating is a difficult one but there are many simple and effective things to look out for in order to add some character to your space. Everyone needs their little sanctuary!

What's more here at Dolly Mixture we are starting to expand into home wares so if you make bespoke items, or have any brands you would love us to stock be sure to let us know below.