Eff Your Beauty Standards December 04 2013, 0 Comments

I think following the wonderful Tess Munster on Instagram was one of the most fulfilling decisions of my life.  More often than not, I overhear the pleas of young girls begging to be skinny. They riskily curve their lifestyle in order to conform to what is often portrayed as a social norm for ladies. This conjured up image of the perfect woman is damaging to the impressionable minds of youth. Many naturally slender and petite girls long for a fuller figure; yet those blessed don’t embrace their own skin yet seem repulsed by it. In reference to the subject of this post; I feel as though Tess Munster is the epitome of what I encourage. It isn’t her voluptuous size that inspired me to write this post – as I am fully aware one’s body is a tender subject – it’s the way she’s living. Tess’ lifestyle is universal; no matter what your body size you can idolize her legacy. She preaches not that one body shape is better than another; her message is simple – eff-your-beauty-standards. Whether you’re a thick or a thin girl; embrace it.
Your exterior does not define you. Maintain positive living and learn to love yourself. The quicker you acknowledge your body for being attractive; the quicker the momentous weight of loathing will be lifted and you can prance around gleefully in your under-crackers without a shred of shame.

Something Tess openly admits in on her blog is, even as a model, she has her share of cellulite, stretch marks and debatably not the perkiest of breasts. It seems all of this completely nature bodily features are a taboo now. But really; who cares? So what if your body doesn’t fully resemble the airbrushed delights of many high street magazines. So long as you’re comfortable in your own skin, everyone else will be comfortable with it too. If you’re umming or arring about whether to wear a bodycon dress or a pair of shorts because it’d be oh so horrendous if people saw your natural features in all their glory, I’ve got the answer: Yes. Wear them when and where-the-ever-hell you like.


I think one of the most crucial points that the #effyourbeautystandards phenomenon stands for is that you should never change. Never change to mould into someone else’s idea of idealistic when the only opinion that matters if that of your own. If someone makes a snide comment – once again claiming that you may be too slender or too curvy – just smile and say “I don’t care.” If you’re happy and healthy, why does it matter? Life is a precious and brief gift that can be altered and taken away at any instant and I’m sure there are bigger, more important things to think about rather than “I have too many tummy rolls” or “these high street clothes don’t fit me properly.” There are numerous groups online if you’re fretting about your weight that can support you in your woes over if you consider yourself too light or too heavy. Weight aside, the scales do not define you. You’ve got what you’ve got and it’s time you learnt to live and love it. Acceptance allows you to move forward with your life. Clothing yourself how you like in order to compliment your striking shape. Thigh gap or not, busty or not, everyone is different and you truly cannot compare yourself with anybody else as you’re a unique one off sculptured with care. I encourage you to search for Tess Munster online to be connected to her numerous social websites and to even simply follow her on Instagram. It’s a breath of fresh air to search the hashtag effyourbeautystandards and witness a sea of individual women of all shapes and sizes embracing themselves for the gift they are.

Love yourself as other loves you. Oh, and remember – a big eff your beauty standards.