An Interview with up & coming starlet of Burlesque Miss Vixie Vengeance December 13 2013, 0 Comments

Miss Vixie Vengeance is a burlesque artist based in the midlands. Trained as a performer and actress, Vixie uses her skills as an entertainer to create truly captivating routines.

She has also branched out into plus size modeling and productions, with her own show 'Twilight Garden' her second show on January 31st at The Scene in Lincoln”

Lucy: What started your interest in the Burlesque scene?
Vixie: I went to De Montfort University which opened my eyes to burlesque through their society. But when looking back at my tastes preferences in performance and films I think they pretty much paved the way in my subconscious.

Lucy: What were your debut acts, theme and costume?
Vixie: I actually debuted my first two acts on the same night, one was a black and red striptease with a suit jacket and cane to Lady Gaga’s teeth. The other was a stick on love heart routine to ‘Lovefool’, I look back on them and cringe at my inexperience and costumes, but I can still see influence in how I’ve progressed.

Lucy: What did you want to be when you were 12 years old?
Vixie: I wanted to win Pop Idol. No joke.

Lucy: What is your favourite act at the moment and why?
Vixie: My ‘friend like me’ Aladdin act, it’s so much fun to perform, and it’s really tongue in cheek and at times a bit filthy! I think i enjoy it because I love the reimagining of a character, and ruining some people’s childhoods in the process!

Lucy: Where did you last perform?
Vixie: I last performed in my hometown of Lincoln at my own show production, on it’s debut night. It was such an amazing experience as it was a huge hit in sleepy Lincoln! I can’t wait for the next one!

Lucy: Please can you name three idols you look up to whether in the burly scene or not?
Vixie: Crystal Renn, Elvira, Christina Hendricks

Lucy: If you had the opportunity to host a party with 5 others guests whether alive or dead, who would they be and why?
Vixie:  Danerys Targaren from game of thrones, she’s way too baddass! Aslan from Narnia, for cuddles and such, Synyster gates, the guitarist from Avenged Sevenfold, for awesome music, and well, he was my first massive crush! Morgan freeman, for the voice. Dylan Moran, he’s my favorite comic, and has a healthy wine consumption level.

Lucy: What is your favorite sort of music to relax to? What book are you reading at the moment?
Vixie: It’s sounds really strange, but I actually listen to game soundtracks to relax and do work to. Final fantasy VII to be precise, I think it’s because I played it so much as a child, it’s got such a nostalgic tone to it, plus the composer is a genius!
I’m currently reading A Storm of Swords, I’m a bit game of thrones mad!

Lucy: Do you believe that there should be an age limit placed on burlesque dancers?
Vixie: A lower one yes, it’s got sexual themes and shouldn’t be performed by under 18’s

Lucy: And upper?
Vixie: I’m not sure, as long as you still feel confident, and there are so many different styles of burlesque!

Lucy: If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Vixie: Japan, as that means I’d get to visit!

Lucy: What’s the best make up tip you know?
Vixie: I haha, always take it off after a show! No matter how tired or how many glasses you may have drank, it’s not worth waking up with half face smeared!

Lucy: If you could interview me what would you want to ask me?
Vixie: I honestly don’t know, probably something strange! I have a habit of coming up with awkward questions!

Vixie and her 30 second challenge!
Lucy: Tea or Coffee?
Vixie: Tea

Lucy: Lipstick or Powder?
Vixie: Lipstick

Lucy: Vinyl or CD?
Vixie: CD

Lucy: Rubber or Leather?
Vixie: Rubber

Lucy: Silk or Satin?
Vixie: Silk

Lucy: Cake or Pie?
Vixie: Cake

Lucy: Cheesecake or Alternative?
Vixie: Alternative

Lucy: 40’s or 50’s?
Vixie: 50’s

Lucy: Tattoo’s or Piercings?
Vixie: Ahhh, Both?

Lucy: Ducks or Chickens?
Vixie: Ducks!

Lucy: Clocks or Watches?
Vixie: Watches

Lucy: China or Wood?
Vixie: China

Lucy: Spa or Wilderness?
Vixie: Spa!!!

Lucy: Newspaper or Magazines
Vixie: Magazine’s

Lucy: Dogs or Cats?
Vixie: Cat’s

Lucy: Heels or Pumps?
Vixie: Heels

Lucy: Sinatra or Shakespeare?
Vixie: Shakespeare

Lucy: Singing or Dancing
Vixie: Dancing