Don't leave me hanging on the telephone... August 18 2014, 0 Comments

Afternoon All,
Just a quickie to start of my blogging partnership here at Dolly Mixture, I was too excited not to give Kay Monks of Pretty Unique Design's a shout out and I am sure you will agree with me when I say WOW! 
It's not often I get to peruse the markets of London but yesterday I had the opportunity to spend the morning at Greenwich market. As if the sights, sounds and smells weren't enough I also came across a real gem. Pretty Unique Design's wonderful display of beautiful, individually decorated GPO telephones couldn't fail to catch my eye.




There was something for everyone. Pretty floral designs, elegant lace, crystals, buttons, you name it. One that particularly caught my eye was decorated with traditional tattoo designs and metal studs and I will have to get my hands on one at some point but for now photos will have to do. 

There were signs on the stall saying "no photographs" but a quick chat and an explanation to Kay Monks (the lovely, creative lady herself) and I was allowed a few snaps. 

So if by chance you find yourself at Greenwich Market any time soon, be sure to check out her stall, I think Dolly Mixture has phone envy right now ha-ha! In the mean time be sure to like Pretty Unique Design's on facebook  


Speaking on hanging on the telephone, give Blondie a listen. 



Over and out