Photo-shopped Images...How do they effect you? November 30 2014, 0 Comments

At some point we have all been affected at some point by the heavily photoshopped images in the fashion and advertising industry. Whether it was a cover star that has developed an unrealistically tiny waist or the pertest pair of boobs you have ever seen, or simply a misrepresentation of the female form, retouched photos can often be difficult to visually digest, much like the below image.

So what it's only an image, every one knows these celebs are photoshopped, right? .... Wrong...

Have you felt upset for being able to fit into size 6 super skinny jeans? Do you compare your bum to the latest pic of Kim Kardashain wishing you had more junk in your trunk? Where does these wild body images come from? Every day tons of companies and magazines are guilty of over editing images to provide a 'that' look. It's not just us girls that are feeling the pressure too. Even the men are heavily photoshopped, when do you see a guy in a advert that doesn't have the perfect six-pack... 

I personally believe it takes more guts to publish images presenting to viewers what real women look like than hide behind an editing tool causing girls to think its natural to have a 10 inch waist, or perfectly smooth thighs without an inch of cellulite. Confidence is what makes us feel sexy, sexy is embracing what we naturally are blessed with and loving the skin we are in. Britney Spears famously allowed both the Before and after images to be published to show her fans the real Britney and just how much editing is made to these images before the public gets to see them.  

When did heavily photoshopped images become the norm in the fashion and advertising world? Did Marylin Monroe or Bettie Page have heavily photoshopped images?

No. So why, has it become accepted that heavily photoshopped images are the norm and we should constantly compare ourselves to this warped images. We are already seeing a huge increase in the number of young girls and boys (some aged as young as 5) suffering from body dis-morphia. We need to change the fashion & media industry and we need to do it now!   

This cause is some thing I strongly agree with and want to promote as far as we can. Having suffered myself with body dis-morphia and eating disorders at a young age it has taken many years to allow my self to become comfortable in my own skin. That's why Dolly Mixture Clothing have just signed The Braves Girls Alliance #bravegirlswant, an anti-airbrushing petition which aims to “do our best not to change the shape, size, proportion, color and/or remove/enhance the physical features, of the people in our images in post-production.”  Many of you may already of seen Modcloth get on board over in the US, it is a courageous movement that we were excited to get behind. 

To help spread the word and promote the use of un-edited images we are hosting a pinup competition for our fans to enter, the winners will become the faces of Dolly Mixture Clothing and feature across our website and social media promoting healthy body images of real every day women. 

To enter our competition and find out more visit out website

Do you believe that the fashion and media industry cause us to compare ourselves to unrealistic proportions? Yes, No? Let us know