Our Story

Dolly Mixture Clothing is owned and run by people like you. 

We love anything different. We want to be the rebels. The girls with red lips and winged eyeliner. The guys with the tattoos and beards. Or whatever it is that makes you feel good about yourself! We want people to stare at us in the street and wonder 'where did they get those?!' Whether it's a floral swing skirt for an afternoon tea or knee-high patent leather boots to impress. We appreciate your desire to express yourself because we feel it too. 

After the founder of Dolly Mixture Clothing became unwell, we took over in August 2015 and hope to keep up the great reputation!

Outside of the business, we jive to rock'n'roll, we attend the hot rod shows, bike rallies, car meets; we browse the vintage markets, we get tattooed, we squeeze to the front at gigs, we never miss a beer festival, we eat cake and we shop and shop and shop! 

Contact me with any questions, queries, feedback or just for a chat!