Bitch Plug

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If there was ever a plug designed for the coolest, sharpest, sexiest pin-up with a passion for piercing, this is it. Take a look at the Bitch Plug. It's a design dream! From the classic shiny circle of jet-black horn, to the detail of the design painted on it, the Bitch Plug is going to become a must-have. The Bitch comes in a range of sizes, from 6mm up to 25mm. The bigger you go, the bolder the design will appear! And the illustration really is super cool. Right at the heart of your flesh plug you'll find a painted pin-up lady, sporting the Ace of Spades on her upper arm. Behold cute little devil's horns nestled among the cascading red of her hair. Ever refined, she's holding a Martini in her hand and looking out from the plug as if to say, 'So what?'. This plug epitomises all that is good and great about rockabilly style and culture - it's a sexy statement of being a true individual. Cheers to that!