Candy Skull Plug

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If you know us at all well at Dolly Mixture, then you're bound to have noticed that we're absolutely mad about skulls. We just love to source the most daring dresses, bags and shoes decorated in this traditional motif. That's why we've found a flesh plug to match this passion too. Take a closer look at our fabulous Candy Skull Plug. We'd say it's a beautifully designed piece of art as well as a piece of very quirky jewellery. From the shiny black background fashioned from horn, to the contrasting grinning white skull, detailed pink patterns on its cheekbones and intricately painted butterfly motif in yellow on the forehead, there's plenty to marvel at here. This is especially so given the size of the flesh plugs - this item is available in as small as 6mm diameter! The plugs go right up to 25mm, meaning this demure design can be yours whatever stage of stretching your lobes are up to. Get them in your collection ASAP!