Easy Roller Dice Earrings

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If you’re not the gambling kind, but thoughts of Las Vegas still manage to give you a thrill, the next best thing might be to try out the spoils of the casino without getting your hands dirty. In which case, how about a pair of our Easy Roller Earrings? With three dice charms on each ear arranged in ascending order of size, you’ll be as pretty as Lady Luck herself on an especially lucky night! There’ll be no trouble deciding which outfit to wear with your Easy Roller Earrings either, as your dice charms come in black, red and white. These pendants come attached to fish hook earrings too, meaning they’ll stay nice and secure in your ears - unless of course you end up needing to trade them in for some roulette chips… be careful, it’s easy to get addicted! We mean to the rest of our Easy Roller range. Check out our matching ring and charm bracelet.