Death Dance Platforms by Iron Fist

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Now, we know you probably vowed not to buy another cute pair of shoes just yet; but listen up for a second. You can make an exception. Especially for a pair of Iron Fist Death Dance Platforms. Look at that shimmering gold five-and-a-half inch stiletto heel and ingeniously hidden inch-high platform sole. They're impressive, right? And what about the beautiful red bow - it's certainly toying with your aesthetic affections. The classic peep toe style is perfect for showing off a recently painted set of toenails too. But it's more than that; These Death Dance platforms are slowly drawing you into their underworld. We're sure it's got something to do with that charming, smiling skull that's almost sitting in a wreath of red flowers. The black background of the shoe is the ideal canvas for showing off the finer details: behold the swirling line illustrations giving a tattoo-like quality to the skull and the additional flowers in its eye socket and cranium. So much thought has gone into the design, right down to the dog-tooth check insole and the detail of the tiny little gold skull charm dangling from your ankle strap - it's an Iron Fist signature twist. The gold theme is repeated in the vintage-style T-bar strap. There's no way these works of art are coming off your feet once they're strapped in! Today may not be your last dance, but you'll still want to wear these until you drop.