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With this handbag there's a tale of two faces to tell - perhaps it's not dissimilar to the tale of Jekyll and Hyde. On the one side, the Hooters Handbag is shiny, sleek and black, with quirky polka dotted handles in black and white. It's the side of yourself you might show to the world on a low-key day. We all have those… But turn the Hooters Handbag around, and a riot of colour and wild personality awaits. This is a bag that you don't need to shout about, because it quite clearly shouts for itself. It ain't called Hooters for nothing! There are more polka dots than you could shake a stick at, only this time they're ruched up into quirky bow. Beneath the bow, you'll find a velveteen thread criss-crossing like a lace-up corset over the top of yet more polka dots. And we haven't even got to the main face of the bag itself. There are skulls galore here - this bag matches the Hooters platform shoes which we also sell - as well as happy bursts of bright blue, green, red and yellow flowers. Importantly, apart from the superb illustration, this bag packs some serious volume - there's plenty of room here for all your daily essentials, and probably also a spare pair of shoes! Everything you want to put in your Hooters Handbag will be held secure with a chunky red and black zip. There's also a buckle on each side so you can draw up or let down the bag to a size that suits you.