Hooters Platforms by Iron Fist

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Voila! It's another design success on the Iron Fist front. Take a look at these Hooters Platform Shoes. Just like the horn on your hot rod, they're a noisy number! Well, who wants to be seen and not heard? Those inch-high platforms certainly aren't hiding away with all those polka dots on them. Likewise, your chunky five-and-a-half inch high stiletto heel is crying out to be spotted. Get it? Spotted? Never mind, jokes were never our strongest suit… There's plenty of bang for your buck where the rest of the design is concerned too. Bold green, red and yellow tattoo-style flowers on a black background are interspersed with tiny skulls here and there. See how many you can find. As well as a demure peep toe there's a fabulous bow - also decorated in polka dots - to keep you and your admirers amused. Anyone who thinks shoes should just be functional needs to see a pair of these Hooters. They'll be sure to change their tune. Meanwhile, you'll be walking the walk in them first. They'd look fantastic in the office or on a day out when pair with our slinky Dolores dress