Manslayer Clutch Bag by Iron Fist

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Many of our bags here at Dolly Mixture are big enough to fit in a bit of shopping and leave plenty of room for your hairbrush, purse and keys. But this one is designed especially with a night on the tiles in mind! Ladies, may we introduce to you the Iron Fist Manslayer Clutch. It's fierce and functional in one fell swoop – so wear it with caution. Just kidding – wear it with fearless pride of course, and leave a man or two dumbstruck in your wake! You'll fit all your night-time essentials neatly into the Manslayer, but more than that you'll lead the pack in the style stakes. That'll be down to the kitsch little metal studs stamped across the front, plus three chunky silver pyramid studs for added wow-factor – not to mention the detachable wrist strap. Once you've admired these features, give the Manslayer a closer look. Embossed into the leather-like fabric you'll see a super skull design. What's more, in true Iron Fist style there's a pair of killer heels to match.