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What do you get for the rockabilly chick who's got everything? Surely a pair of super-sexy Iron Fist Sweet Skull O'Mine platform shoes! But once you've got those, you may as well go the whole way and add in a matching Iron Fist Sweet Skull O'Mine Handbag for good measure. You've gotta have a whole lotta love reserved for a bag like this. It's a chunky quilted holdall in pewter-effect grey. Close up, see the charcoal black flower print detail, which matches in with the design on the shoes. Instead of leather-effect handles, this bag has a metal chain link shoulder strap for added rockin' attitude. The chain threads through silver-coloured eyelets, drawing the bag together to create a quirky, almost medieval look. You can't say that's not an alternative outfit!

Dolly Mixture Fact: You've heard of the manbag, right? Well, purses were once the preserve of chaps too! The oldest known example belonged to Otzi the Iceman, a mountain shepherd who lived 5,000 years ago, whose mummified remains were unearthed in the Alps in 1991. The Scottish sporran is another example of a trad manpurse.