Zombie Stomper Platforms by Iron Fist

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We here at Dolly Mixture must confess to a vested interest: the Zombie Stomper Platforms are our favourite pair of Iron Fist shoes, EVER! We could spend hours and hours trying to convince you of the fact too, but it wouldn't be fair of us to influence you. Simply read on, pore over the pictures and then try for yourselves! Think of these heels as your protective talisman: who would dare to cross you when you've got a fearsome zombie eye looking out for your interests from the side of your shoe? He's baring teeth and giving it some green and pink attitude! And that's before we've even begun to address the cool 4 ½ inch heel with ¾ inch platform for unrivalled strutting power! Iron Fist, in their design wisdom, have thought of everything of course. The peep toe makes for a classic shoe, while the black satin bow detail at the heel rounds everything off with a touch of rockabilly cool. Actress Ashley Fink, who plays Lauren Zizes in Glee, is also said to be a fan of the Zombie Stomper platforms. Ashley, we salute you!