Knickerbocker Rocker Necklace

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  • Blackcurrant
  • Blueberry
  • Caramel
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We’re pretty confident of saying what you’re about to read. When your friends and admirers see your amazing Knickerbocker Rocker necklace, they’ll grin, screech ‘wow!’ and then reach their hand out to grab it. They’re not going to snatch it from your very neck of course - they’re nice people! But they’ll want to touch and admire the Knickerbocker Rocker, and marvel at how such a teeny tiny little glass of faux ice cream sundae can exist! Alas, it’s not a real dessert, just a very cleverly crafted piece of kitsch jewellery. And with all those scoops of delish coloured ice creams, cream and faux wafer in a fluted sundae bowl, it does look quite realistic. On the end of a silver-plated chain it makes us think of the groovy 50s diners and drive-thrus, operated by chicks on roller skates. Take us back!