Love Heart Ring

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  • Wild Thing
  • Real Love
  • Kiss Me
  • Hold Me
  • It's Love
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The childhood memories of Love Heart sweets never go away - they are probably our first introduction to the language of romance. How did you eat yours? Did you allow pals to pick at random from the pack, risking major humiliation by accidentally declaring ‘True Love’ to Tommy in class 4B? Or did you carefully twist open the packet and rearrange them so you could tell Danny in 3A he was ‘So Cool’? Whatever your preference, you’ll smile at the memory every time you wear one of our Love Heart Rings. We’ve recreated the look and feel of this sweet favourite to wear on your finger time and again. Our replicas look almost good enough to eat! But that silver plated ring band is certainly not edible. Choose one of five classic love slogans on a white, yellow, peach, pink or green sweet. Those who wear the Love Heart Ring are in good company - US pop pin-up Katy Perry is said to be a fan too.