Mallow Madness Keyring

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Remember flumps? No, not the odd little furry fluff balls that came to life in a BBC children's TV programme of the 1970s. We're talking edible spongy, marshmallow twists in pastel candy colours!

While you could eat those flumps by the dozen, you can't eat our offering we're afraid. The Mallow Madness Keyring has been crafted in homage to the great sweets of the past. You can still find them in sweet shops here and there today. But such treats don't tend to taste quite the same, and they sure as heck look smaller than back in the day!

We're suddenly feeling all nostalgic, twiddling our Mallow Madness keyring on its silver chain. Perhaps it's time to watch an episode of the furry Flumps on YouTube after all…?