Martini Glass Plug

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If the thought of wearing this flesh plug leaves you stirred instead of shaken, you know the Martini Glass Plug is the one for you! Available in sizes 6mm up to 25mm, this statement piece is all about the things we love at Dolly Mixture. Painted on in minute detail you’ll find a flaming flush of Aces, beside a classy glass of our favourite cocktail. This design is all about classic pin-up fun, being demure yet daring all at once! Be adventurous and take a gamble on this one. We think you’ll love to wear it, especially if you’re someone who loves the cheeky charms of Las Vegas and all the booze and card games it offers! The Martini Glass Plug, which is made from horn, is sold individually, meaning if you want a set you can mix and match with one of our other complementary styles. How about the Martini for your left lobe, and a divine Bitch Plug for your right?