Mustn't Crumble Biscuit Brooch

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Following in the footsteps of our Mustn't Crumble keyring is our matching biscuit brooch! The Mustn't Crumble is a British classic, no doubt about it. From its two dandily decorated vanilla biscuits to the custard cream fondant sandwiched between them, we're surprised it's taken this long for people to wear their snacks as well as eat them! But do heed our warning - this is no ordinary custard cream. For a start, it's not one you can eat. Primarily that's because it's not made of sugar and flour, but also because it has a silver-plated pin on the back to help you secure it to your clothes. We think a Mustn't Crumble Brooch is the perfect accessory to go with your spring-summer wardrobe. Take a classic 50s-style cardigan, team it with a floral swing dress and hey presto! You've got the perfect outfit to wear for - and with - afternoon tea.