Mustn't Crumble Biscuit Keyring

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Beloved of people on tea breaks up and down the land, the Custard Cream biscuit really ought to be immortalised. But wait a minute - we've only gone and done it! Check out our Mustn't Crumble Biscuit keyring. It looks like a genuine Custard Cream. But it will never, ever go off, because it's just a scarily accurate replica!

So, why does the Custard Cream deserve being preserved in such a way? It's certainly been filling up biscuit barrels for at least 105 years. Dozens of companies make them, and decorate their humble powdered custard loveliness in a swirling pattern that speaks of a higher calling. But mostly it ought to be honoured because a 2007 survey found the Custard Cream to be the biscuit of choice for 9 out of 10 people. Fix this to your keys, but keep an eye out for the biscuit thieves…