Poppy Hair Flower

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The fragile looking poppy is one of nature's most beautiful weeds - and potentially one of the most intoxicating plants too. While only certain kinds of poppy are used in the production of opium, its status looms large in folklore and fairy tale. Remember the poppy field in the Wizard of Oz that threatens to send our heroes to sleep? Clip a piece of that magic to your hair with our Poppy Hair Flower (sleep not included). It's a pretty noticeable bloom, at 10cm in diameter, and has a stunningly detailed stamen at the centre as well as multiple layers of imitation crepe-like petals. It comes in orange, red or blue, and is in our opinion a real rockabilly smasher! Team it up with one of our fantastic party dresses. This hair accessory is also guaranteed to go the distance, thanks to its silver plated clip fastening.