Rock-A-Bye Jelly Baby Brooch

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There’s a famous rhyme about cradles and boughs, but that’s not what inspired this range of accessories. See if you can guess which jelly sweet, fashioned in the shape of a certain type of human, was responsible… clue, they’re usually less than a year old! Pick a cute little 2.5cm tall candy baby in a choice of black, green, orange, red or yellow and proceed to fix it to your favourite outfit! In fact, this range is such good value you could buy yourself one in each colour and have a babe to match every outfit in your wardrobe for the foreseeable future. Although these retro favourite creations look good enough to eat, they’re not at all. The baby brooch comes mounted on a silver plated pin, so you can attach it wherever you like. Show it off like there’s no tomorrow - well, it is the newest addition to your fashion family after all!