Smoochy Coo Brooch

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Every pin-up has their pout: Whether yours matches the full-on style of vixen Jayne Mansfield, or is more akin to the thrilling smirk of headstrong Katharine Hepburn, there's a lipstick out there to suit you. But doesn't everyone need a second smacker at the ready? We think so, hence we've designed the kiss-tastic, 1950s-style inspired Smoochy Coochy Brooch. Whether you pin it to your shirt lapels, your bag, hat or coat, you'll be pouting 24-7. This handmade pucker is secured to a silver plated pin, and measures approximately 4.5cm, meaning it's sure to attract some attention! Make sure it gets pride of place every time you leave the house. And, if you're feeling especially pouty, how about an Iron Fist Bite Me! Handbag to complement your new brooch?