Suzie Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

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1950s fun means beach bars and margaritas by the bucket load, surfer spotting and polka dot bikinis - plus a pair of our super Suzie Tortoise Shell Framed Sunglasses. These shades are the epitome of effortless chic and we think the unrivalled choice for the holiday season. Indeed, fans of pin-up style won't want to be without a pair when the summer comes. The large curved frames hark back to a vintage era of eyewear, while the lenses play it safe 21st-century style with UV ray protection. The beautiful rippled tortoiseshell pattern in brown and black will go so well with pretty much any outfit. The finer details are what make these glasses rival anything you'll find in a designer store. Check out the rounded arms with gold effect trim, and the cut-out detail where the curved edge of the frame and the lenses meet. Simply put a pair of Suzie's on, lie back on your beach towel and enjoy the sun!