Taking The Bourbon Biscuit Brooch

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If you already have our Taking the Biscuit keyring, what are you waiting for? There's no shame in taking second helpings when faced with the dusky delights of a bourbon! Just to be clear, we're talking the biscuity kind bought regularly by nans, not the American spirit favoured in saloon bars. We've been hard at work in our studio paying tribute to this classic. We wanted our chocolate sandwich with rich chocolate cream to look perfect - right down to the wording, and the little holes and even the crack you always find in your biscuit when you get the last one out of the pack. What we've done next is to attach a silver plated safety catch to the back, so that you can wear it on your coat lapel, or fix it to a handbag. What we don't recommend is fixing it to your nan's table cloth during afternoon tea as a practical joke. Besides, we bet Rita Ora wouldn't do that with her bourbon biscuit knuckle duster, which is a bit similar to our brooch and keyring.