Taking The Bourbon Biscuit Keyring

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We don't know about you, but as soon as the small hand reaches 11 o'clock, nothing pleases us more than to put the kettle on and reach for the biscuit tin! What's your favourite? In our mind, nothing comes finer than a crumbly chocolate Bourbon cream! Sadly at Dolly Mixture we've eaten rather a few too many of these, so turned our hand to creating something a bit genius â€" a Bourbon biscuit that won't ruin the waistline! It does come with a catch. An actual catch, made of silver plated metal. Because this is one handsome Bourbon you wouldn't want to eat! Fix it to your door keys and watch with glee as people observe you take this to-scale model biscuit from your handbag â€" the joke never tires!

It seems we at Dolly Mixture aren't the only ones keen on wearing confectionery. Kooky songstress Rita Ora is often the proud wearer of a Bourbon Biscuit knuckle duster of all things. We think our matching keyring is just a teensy bit subtler!