Toot Sweet Charm Bracelet

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What gift do you get for someone who's got a really sweet tooth, but who ought to lay off of the sugar? The answer is this! Our Toot Sweet charm bracelet looks good enough to eat, but isn't - helping you save massively on those mean old dental bills.

For a start the only silver in sight hasn't got anything to do with teeth fillings. The Toot Sweet bracelet is made from large silver plated metal links, and fastened with a toggle - so easy to get on and off your wrist!

As for the charms themselves, all the classic favourites are there - you'll find dinky charms in the colour, size and shape of Love Hearts, Ice Gems and Dolly Mixtures. As if that wasn't enough, you've got donut and cupcake charms, co-ordinated to complement the other sweets - you simply pick your preferred colour scheme. What'll it be, Mint or Blueberry?

Add in a mini bar of chocolate charm and a smattering of Swarovski crystals and you're ready to checkout. And guess what? There's not a calorie in sight!