Top Topping Toast Ring

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Grab two slices of golden brown toast, and add a couple of dollops of piping hot baked beans. Slap them onto a gleaming white plate and what have you got? The best snack in the world…in miniature! This is our Top Topping Ring, a teeny-tiny replica meal made by us. This platter would be the perfect addition to a scale model dolls house were it not attached to an adjustable silver plated ring. Pop it on to your finger but expect to have your hand examined at close quarters! Your friends will want to take a closer look at the glistening beans - they really do look as though they could be real. All that's missing is the delicious aroma, and some cutlery to eat with! Someone with an eye for excellent fingerwear is American singer Katy Perry - she's been spotted sporting a beans on toast ring too!